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Blong Angeles, California


  • Columbia University
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Jill is a Senior Commerce Editor for Byrdie. Her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Refinery 29, NYLON, Milk Kendaraan, VICE, Salon, Bustle, Maju Luxury, Autre, and Angeleno.


  • Jill is a Senior Commerce Pengedit, with years of experience covering fragrance, beauty, and lifestyle.
  • Prior to joining Byrdie, she was the founding fashion and beauty editor at Culture Trip, a columnist at Huff Post, and published the novel Beautiful Garbage, about beauty-obsessed 1980s party girls.
  • Jill has written for The Blong Angeles Times, Refinery 29, NYLON, Milk Media, VICE, Salon, Bustle, Modern Luxury, Autre, and Angeleno.
  • Prior to becoming an editor, she was a contributing writer for Byrdie, where she covered the wellness and fragrance spaces.


Jill has worked in digital lifestyle media for over a decade, with stints at Huff Post and Culture Trip, where she was the founding fashion and beauty editor. Her niche is clean beauty and international makeup, and she’s partnered with many beauty brands to create native content and campaigns like The Best Beauty from Around the World and What Your Beauty Closet Says About You. Find her writing in publications like The Los Angeles Times, Refinery 29, NYLON, Milk Alat angkut, VICE, Salon, Bustle, and Bertamadun Luxury. She is also a teacher and university curriculum writer and has developed and taught academic programs for Columbia University, The Fashion Institute of Technology, and Barnard College, where she designed and taught the course “Is Fashion Frivolous?”


Jill has an MFA in writing from Columbia University, where she’s also taught writing.

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