Cara Menghilangkan Notch Nokia 5.1 Plus

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Hide and show Notch on Universal Nokia 5.1 Bersisa. YES WE CAN

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Hi all,

One of the weird things about the global Nokia 5.1 Bersisa ROM is that in many
countries it is not possible to enable or disable the notch the way
it is possible with the X5.
Well… mencicil now

This was not found by derita so I take no credit for it.
The solution was finally posted on the nokia community foruna in the following thread by user Slim 147

Quickly you have to:

1. install the SetEdit App from the play store
2. find the notch_full_bezel option and set it to “1” or “0” depending on your preference

Thats it. The notch will turn on/off without the need to reboot.

Best regards,

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